poetry 101 rehab: habit

There was once a grumpy old blogger called Andy

Who thought his photos quite handy

He tried his hand at writing

Struggled with the lighting

And developed a habit by Mond’y.

(for Mara Eastern’s Poetry 101 Rehab opened today for all those poets who participated in WordPress Writing 201 and you, if your inner poet craves release)

(and, in a piece of shameless self promotion, I have chosen to accompany my first contribution with the photos I used to portray my painful poetic progress)

Day 1: Water, Haiku, Simile
Day 2: Journey, Limerick, Alliteration
Day 3: Trust, Acrostic, Internal Rhyme
Day 4: Animal, Concrete Poetry, Enjambment
Day 5: Fog, Elegy, Metaphor
Weekend: Poetry Potluck
Day 6: Hero(ine), Ballad, Anaphora/Epistrophe
Day 7: Fingers, Prose Poetry, Assonance
Day 8: Drawer, Ode, Apostrophe
Day 9: Landscape, Found Poetry, Enumeratio
Day 10: Future, Sonnet, Chiasmus

13 thoughts on “poetry 101 rehab: habit

  1. What a great wrap-up post for a great poetry course! While I absolutely love your photo gallery, your poem just cracked me up and made me laugh so much that I scared my cat… Thank you for joining in my modest poetry event!


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