poetry 101 rehab


Poetry 101 Rehab was initially set up for those who missed the creative writing challenge of the Writing 201 Poetry course run by the Daily Post.

Poetry 101 Rehab is a place to experiment and play with poetry, with friends, in a supportive environment. All are welcome, and in particular anyone who has just completed the most recent WordPress 101 Poetry course and is keen to keep on writing!

How does it work?

Each Monday, I publish a post on my blog with a Poetry 101 Rehab prompt.

The prompt will be a word, a quote, a photograph, or some random thought.

You are then invited to feel free to answer the prompt, twist it or ignore it; write a poem of your own or share a poem by another author. Write about your inspiration, your creative process or other poetry related thoughts, but this is in no way obligatory. Nothing is obligatory here in Poetry 101 Rehab. The idea is to get together, talk poetry and enjoy.

How can you take part?

Anyone can take part, anytime you want.

Publish your poetry post and add a link to it by clicking on the Poetry 101 Rehab badge below (and please copy and paste it into your own posts) or share your link in a comment.

Use the tag Poetry 101 Rehab, so we can find each other in the WordPress Reader.

I will be your host, and will be here to reply to your comments, read your poetry, like and comment.

My weekly post is the starting point for the challenge – visit fellow poets in the link-up and chat to them on their blogs!



Past Poetry 101 Rehab prompts

My poems submitted to WordPress Writing 101 Poetry in December 2015

My poems submitted to WordPress Writing 201: Poetry in February 2015

Find out about, and join, more courses from WordPress Blogging U.

WordPress Writing 101: A Poem a Day

WordPress Writing 201: Poetry

I’m trying to figure out how to add a scrollable widget that just lists prompts from a single category, watch this space (or better still, if you know how, leave a comment below).

I’m planning some changes for 2016 – please use the contact form below, or add a comment at the foot of the page, to let me know what you would like to see.




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