poetry potluck

after the terror
after the terror

During the last week, I have been taking part in the WordPress Writing 201: Poetry course.

Daily Post editor, Ben Huberman, has prompted us each day with a new prompt, form and a device.

This weekend, we were granted a break from the creative process and invited to share a poem that we love.

I choose to share words from a poet to whose writing I was introduced whilst living and working in Belgrade.

I have often used quotes from his work coupled with my photos on my blogs belgradestreets and belgianstreets.

These words, from Rainer Maria Rilke, once shared with me at a time when I felt empty and without hope, are simple yet compelling.

“Let everything happen to you
Beauty and terror
Just keep going
No feeling is final”

The image I chose to use today comes from a shoot in a famous cemetery that I shared recently on belgianstreets, the words seem to fit both the expression in the eyes of this dead wartime warrior, and the feelings of those he left behind.

17 thoughts on “poetry potluck

  1. Andy, I enjoyed immensely to read the poems that you, Mara, Amy and Justine created this week. Some hidden talents are out there now.
    Together with your supreme photography, it made it even more special.
    I particularly like Raine Maria Rilke since I was a teenager. I got a book from a friend once and loved it.
    The choice yo made is beautiful. Thanks for bringing sweet and sour memories back.
    Enjoy your weekend, wherever you are.

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