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two fight
for the balance

the west gate
confronts an evil
will they become
russian dolls
shaped by
etched from
broken glass
screaming out
keep out

or just give me enough rope!

will we take the right path?

(found poetry featuring landscape and a little enumeratio for wordpress writing 201 – landscape)

*shot with nikon d700, 16-35mm f/4 lens, edited in aperture 3, silver efex pro 2, diverging paths intersect*

Notes and queries

During the last couple of weeks I have been participating in the Writing 201 Poetry course under the expert guidance and watchful eye of Ben Huberman.

Each day Ben has set us a new challenge including a word prompt, a poetic form and a device.

Today’s challenge involves responding to the word “landscape” using the found poetry form and the device of enumeratio.

My response, a piece of flagrant and unashamed self promotion 😉, is to use a landscape shot I took in the Spring of 2012 at Ada Huja, a long disused site on the banks of the Danube in Belgrade which also serves from time to time as the site for the Supernatural music festival. I used this shot for a number of reasons . Firstly because it is one of the few landscape shots I have in my archive and second because it is one of my favourite images to be found in the first edition of my book belgradestreets which featured photos drawn from my blog of the same name.

I then selected ten captions (in bold) placed beneath every second photo in my book leading up to and ending with the caption from the photo I chose to construct today’s “found” poem.

26 thoughts on “landscape

  1. Joining in this shameless promotion of a conversation 😉 I do not know if the book can be shipped ti India, but if any download facility available, do let know.
    I am also perplexed at my computer…..err wordpress, where either my comments are getting double posted at one click or not getting posted at all :/


  2. Amazing picture and poem. I thought I’d check out your 201 collection as I am doing the course now. That is a great found poem–inspiration for my attempt. I also dropped by to invite you to participate in a 3 Day 3 Quote Challenge. I ‘tagged’ you in my post. If you prefer to pass please let me know. Here is my link where everything is explained:

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