AJT_3923 - Version 2

As he crossed the road the man he saw
Was he real the man so old and haggard
Of what did he dream was it shock and awe
Did he imagine, this old man, this laggard
The sweeping lines of time twisting
Bent out of shape defying rhyme
Did he ever want to stop climbing
Or was he content to bide his time

And the man when he saw the boy
Did he wonder what lay in store
What dreams and hopes might have that boy
A life waiting to hear the lion roar
Working and striving to do what he can
Was the man the boy or the boy the man?

(a poem about the future in the form of a sonnet with a hint of chiasmus for writing 201 – future)

(and for lucile’s  the clinic –  photo rehab)

*shot with nikon d700,  85mm f/2.8 lens, edited in aperture 3, analog efex pro 2 with double exposure filter applied, following the curve of time*

18 thoughts on “future

  1. I like the poem but I’m even more fascinated with the photo and the editing description. Plus, “following the curve in time” is like a poem in and of itself.

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  2. Great Andy, photo and poem. I love the lines in the photo and that dream-like quality which makes us wonder what is real and what isn’t. “A life waiting to hear the lion roar” – brilliant!

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