exit stage right
exit stage right

they say

you will

get your


in heaven

but what


they’re, wrong?

(for wordpress weekly photo challenge – reward)

*shot with nikon d700, 16-35mm f/4 lens, edited in aperture 3 and analog effect pro 2, double exposure filter applied, haunted eyes caught*

13 thoughts on “reward

    1. I think a life lived on the premise that there will be something waiting beyond the veil would be a life wasted. We all have a duty to live as if we might never live again each day. And care for those around us too, remembering our words, our actions, have a deeper impact than we sometimes imagine…


    1. Thank you Brenda, I do try to find a different angle to each challenge, I loved the way this edit turned out, because I see the hint of an anguished face leaving the picture to the right…


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