Cold, icy, fingers, reaching out, twisted, full of avarice, tainted with malice. Clawing, prying, like lice. Sure in purpose, disturbing, exposing, dealing in deceit. Touched unseen by fingers, trice unexpected, so uninvited. Wait. Crisis averted, like an oasis, those fingers are not


(for wordpress writing 201 – fingers, a prose poem about fingers with added assonance)

(also for lucile’s the clinic – photo rehab)

*shot with nikon d700, 16-35mm f/4 lens, edited in aperture 3, analog efex pro 2 with motion filter applied, meaning redacted*

17 thoughts on “fingers

  1. Wow, definitely leaves me with a light chill. I specifically liked the line “touched unseen by fingers.” I am still trying to decide what that line means to me, but it adds to the aura of the poem. Well done.

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    1. Thank you very much, there will quite a few things going on when I wrote this, hence the “meaning redacted”. One of the most amazing things about trying to write poetry is hearing the reactions from people. So, thank you, again.


    1. Thank you Justine! It is a crop of one of my photos of the cemetery from my recent posts. The I used the motion blur filter in Analog Efex Pro 2. It was fun to put this one together even though the *redacted* story is not so much fun 🙂

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      1. the photo is awesome i thought they were real fingers you had done something wild with lol, just couldn’t figure out how, but you know what you inspired me to make my photo with my fingers, so thank you 🙂 just posted my prose x

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