“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

― lao tzu

there is

only one road

the one you choose

to take

choose wisely and


look back

(and for a little extra local colour do read this from Mara Eastern)

(a new blog, a new beginning, a new life… posted for WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge “New”)

18 thoughts on “olomouc

  1. always always stunning photography and yes it starts with one first step. The photo that got my curiosity is the three people clad in black, who were they? Almost looked quite scary or maybe i am in that kind of a mood x

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      1. ah no need for me to be scared. It is really odd i wrote all these replies to you yesterday but theyare not showign, wow wordpress is really hating me since i complained lol. Apparently loads of my comments to others are going in to trash too!

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