na zdraví

“Do you drink? Of course, I just said I was a writer”

― Stephen King

empty bottles
empty bottles

do all the empty



all those



(in response to Justine’s challenge to join her tea party)

*shot with nikon d700, edited with aperture 3 and color efex pro 4, bleach bypass filter, look at all those empty bottles*

31 thoughts on “na zdraví

  1. Hah love the Stephen King quote. Wow is this a new blog, it threw me that i wasn’t following up at the top. You have one in your name now? I think thats a fabulous idea and it looks great, you have been working hard behind the scenes in more way than one hehe. Love these pics, love the ‘colour’ in them, it was present in the last one. Thank you also for coming to the Tea Party again, you do know that you are our regular supplier of alcohol? hehe…A question there is writing that goes right across the bottles, almost like graffitti, you printed off a photo and scribbled over it? I am probably asking a dumbass question again x

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    1. Thank you, yes I now have three blogs (and last time I checked I also still had a job, but that might change of course….). The new blog is so I can indulge myself with some writing (not started that yet, too shy) and also somewhere to post photos that don’t fit on belgradestreets or belgianstreets…

      Are you saying I am an alcoholic or just a “dealer” 😉

      The graffiti was written on glass which covered the bottles which were outside a bar somewhere a little east of here…

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      1. hah well don’t lose your job over blogging. What will you do with the other two pretty much retire them? xx

        I think perhaps you are the dealer not the alcoholic, only you can really answer that 😛 did make me laugh though.

        The grafittie really threw me with it being over the front of a few bottles…i like illusions and trickery!

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  2. Beautiful photo art as always…when are the words coming? Maybe you could just follow King’s advise… get a drink and write…or just write and don’t think about it. Looking forward to reading it.

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  3. Great shots, as usual, Andy. I really like the reflection of the building in the green bottle. I was also wondering about the names written in black – looks like it is a printed photo that someone wrote over in pen. Cool effect.

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  4. New blog !!!! and what a fabulous post ❤ *speechless mode*
    Congrats Andy !! A blog in your name 🙂 What made you wait so long ??
    I must say, good collection of bottles 😉 😛
    Building reflection is awesomely captured ❤
    Is this with the iphone ??


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