what do you see every day?

What do I see?

Every day?

Red – when I am told not to express myself, that I am unable to express myself, what to think, that I don’t think, that I can’t think, that I can’t communicate, that I am unable to talk.

When I know I can.

And others know I can, too.

Darkness – I have lived in the shadow of darkness for too long.

Light – there is always light, and I choose light.

(response to Mara’a blog hop and a cry out for sanity)

9 thoughts on “what do you see every day?

  1. Back when I was working in a pitch black darkroom for four years straight (walls, floor, and ceiling were all painted matte black — and all the light leaks were completely sealed), all I could think about was color. Color, color, color. Bright, rich, royal hues of all the colors.

    I’m long past that now, but it was years before I could even think of anything other than bright cheerful colors.

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  2. That was what I did for work at the time. I was the Forox and Marron Carrel camera operator for a multi-image sweatshop down in Washington, DC. It was a 24/7 business, and I had the 4:00 am to noon shift.

    All I did for my entire shift was shoot film and process it. B+W lith and E-6 slide film, hundreds of feet each day. Plus I was responsible for both the small lith processor and the huge E-6 line processor.

    It was a horrible job, but it paid the bills. I had just gone through a divorce and was saddled with a mountain of debt, so I was grateful for the income.

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