poetry | 101 | rehab | place

You seem to understand my questions, but your answers make no sense to me.
That’s typical of life, isn’t it?
― Alasdair Gray

Welcome to this week’s Poetry 1o1 Rehab Prompt.

My prompt this week is PLACE.

Once again, I skate on thin ice, writing (perhaps) from the view of a pigeon, or (mibby) the observer of a pigeon, once (or twice) removed.

So, this week, write a poem to describe what it means to have a place that makes you feel safe, or a place that once did, and does nae longer.

And in doing so, show us your place, and space.

A space, and place,
in which he,
so easily, dis-placed


(mibby) re-placed
even, before
he, (ever) knew, his


That face,
re-membered up,
above, in
(elevated) place, a
wave, from that
(terrace), and
walking away,
thinking that place
was a good

To be.

A pigeon, sitting,
a lamp post.

poetry | 101 | rehab |  place

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