poetry | 101 | rehab | trigger

'Hi-yo silver away'
    pull the trigger
masked man, hidden 
aspirations in, the midden
dreams, unbidden
    pull the trigger
heroes and demons, forbidden
identity, hidden
was it (ever), a given?
    pull the trigger
    ask tonto
             'cos, i don't 

poetry | 101 | rehab | trigger

My (late) prompt for this week’s Poetry 101 Rehab Prompt is TRIGGER

So, this week, I dare you. To pull, the trigger, but not your punches.

You can link to your post in response to today’s prompt by leaving a comment on my post and / or by clicking on the poetry | 101 | badge below and leaving a link.

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More information can be found on my poetry | 101 | rehab page.

29 thoughts on “poetry | 101 | rehab | trigger

  1. Always found it interesting that Tonto was a real Native American in a time period when this was unheard of! Jay Silverheels (acting name) was a Mohawk from a reserve in Southern Ontario, Canada.
    Your poem is intriguing. Yes, lets ask Tonto, except he died in 1980.
    “Trigger is a very interesting prompt. Not sure what I’ll do with that,” she added.

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          1. Appreciate that but you already seem to be super busy. I may join another weekly event and just write as I can. Need to try my fingers at Flash Fiction, poetry is too easy. But am keen to continue yours. looking forward to todays topic!


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