poetry | 101 | rehab | evening

 one, summer evening
he closed, the door
walked down, the steps
  one summer evening
sat, behind the wheel
turned, the key
   one summer evening
maybe, he remembered
the (swaying) jungle palms
    one summer evening
of happ(ier) times
in, malay'sia
     one summer evening
no more, listening, to
we’ve heard it all, before
      one summer evening
a short, drive
packed, locked and loaded
       one summer evening
a, scribbled note
and, some scotch tape
        one summer evening
sealed, tight
hold tight,
         one, summer evening
just, one turn
of a
          one, summer

poetry | 101 | rehab | evening

My prompt for  this week’s Poetry 1o1 Rehab Prompt is EVENING. 

What does your mind turn to in the evening?

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42 thoughts on “poetry | 101 | rehab | evening

  1. there is an element of foreboding here – a finality – closure – and it is slightly disturbing; not that I mind; not all poetry has to be sunshine and roses.

    You’ve done an interesting and excellent job of conveying a story here – I like the carefully chosen words, the line breaks, the emphasis that is directed by the way it all comes together.

    😀 Andy

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  2. This is a faultlessly moving poem. The way you use unconventional punctuation, especially the poignant commas after ‘definite’ articles almost moved this very cynical reader to tears. It reminds me of post-minimalist classical music.

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  3. i like the reiteration – beautiful writing. such lush imagery and the tumbling rhythm… i love this piece. it kinda made me feel homesick for somewhere i’ve never been. a strange and wonderful feeling……………..

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