(the razor’s) edge

"entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem**"

searching for an answer, what, where, which, when, how
                 look, question, yearn for the truth, the search continues
                                 choices and decisions, facts and figures to be weighed
                                         complexity and detail challenge and defy
                                 when there in front of us
lies the simple truth
                  it’s really not that hard, not that complex
                                    when faced with a choice
                                                         the simplest solution is often the

(for justine’s eclectic corner #9 – photography, quotes and poetry – a free verse poem featuring the edge)

** occam’s razor is a problem solving technique, the latin text roughly translates to “no more things should be presumed to exist than are absolutely necessary”

19 thoughts on “(the razor’s) edge

  1. here here in agreement with those words 🙂 Simplicity is key me thinks, certainly in my world, try to keep it simple, sometimes they say that truth is staring one in the face and we just don’t see it. Thank you for a very quick entry in to Eclectic Corner as usual you set the bar also with some interesting photography…hehe… muah xx

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