blended fitness

weaving, back and


his memories clashed


the smell of those sneakers

melded and

left him

remembering, how once he knew

where he


(my fifth of five posts in response to a very kind nomination for the “five photos / five stories black and white challenge” from desleyjane and for the “black and white challenge” from albert

(and inspired by a dreadful awakening and by a walk on the edge of town)

(oh, and as my fifth and final nomination, I’d like to invite jane lurie, if she feels so inclined, to share with you her perspective on “how photography helps people to see” through five black and white images and stories…)

*shot also for lucile’s the clinic – photo rehab, and justine’s electic corner #7, with nikon d700, 50mm f/1.4 nikkor lens and edited in aperture 3, photoshop cc, and silver efex pro 2, a layered blend of belgrade and brüssel* 

11 thoughts on “fit

  1. wow this applies to me almost, once fit, now not. I actually don’t like the metal exercise machines in the middle of parks, i understand why they do it i think though they are dangerous to kids getting figners trapped and also a blight on the landscape but now I sound like a moaning minnie hehe. Love the photo, the words and now I am thinking of cheesy feet. Thank you so much for participating again, love it and also you read my mind as I just posted my 3rd entry for the Street Life. Ps I don’t think I found out did you really get chased? x

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