poetry 101 rehab: second

second take
second take

do you remember how it felt in november
never a thought given to being a member
of that, most exclusive, club
can you remember, oh that is the rub
eventually, when you think it may
soon be time, to


(for  mara’s poetry rehab – second and lucile’s photo rehab)

*shot with nikon d700 with nikkor  50mm f/1.4 lens, edited using adobe bridge, photoshop cc and analog efex pro2 with wet plate and double exposure filters applied, not  a second to lose*

14 thoughts on “poetry 101 rehab: second

  1. What a lovely surreal scene in the photo! The double exposure effect goes nicely with the “Second” challenge. The poem is indeed ominous, but I expected nothing less 😉 Thank you for sharing your work for my modest poetry rehab!

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