the ongoing moment

Everyone was nowhere to be seen
― Geoff Dyer

During all my frequent flying, I’ve finally got round to reading Geoff Dyer’s The Ongoing Moment, which I purchased in The Tate Modern Bookshop well over a year ago.

I’ve been particularly fascinated by the hatted figures in raincoats which feature in the work of Kertész. Blurred, and often awkwardly placed within the frame, strangely compelling, we share a fleeting moment in the life of these strangers.

This morning, as I nursed a cup of strong coffee after an overnight flight from Accra to London, I also lingered over an image of a group of people on a bench, World’s Fair New York 1964, made by Garry Winogrand.

I was about to delete the image above (too blurry and clumsy), but there was something about the group of people, the interplay between them, the connections, the role played by the pictured photographer unaware of her own involvement in another photo, something that made me stop pressing the delete button.

So, this image, blurry and unsatisfactory though it is, is my homage to Geoff Dyer for opening my eyes and encouraging me to learn from the work of some of the greatest photographers.

6 thoughts on “the ongoing moment

    1. Thank you Lois! I am categorically not from the school of photographers who want pin sharp resolution. Which is a good thing as it moderates my normal inclination to buy ‘better’ gear. At the moment I am totally smitten with my X100F and its single fixed lens, in or out of focus, so, again, thank you!

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    1. Thanks Chris, as I have mentioned, I have been reading ‘The Ongoing Moment’ by Geoff Dyer. I saw the opportunity to mimic much of what I had been reading about. And the great thing about my X100F is most people are blissfully unaware of my attempts!

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