out in the midday sun | 5

This is the latest in what was intended to be a weekly collection of essays themed as ‘out in the midday sun‘, which instead, has become a place for me (in or out of the sun, midday or otherwise) to write at random, and increasingly infrequent, intervals, on whichever subject seems worthy of note at the time.

I have not posted as much here, or  perhaps more perplexing, not shot or published as many photographs as usual, for the better part of the last year. The principal reason (excuse) for that has been (hold the front page) the intervention of the real world. I have travelled (too) much on business, between Europe and Western Africa, although I have found time to write up some of my adventures on nigeriastreets. I’ve recently switched working countries from Nigeria to Ghana. I’m not done with Nigeria yet, and the seductive siren song of other adventures already calls. More (perhaps) about that in due course.

I’ve also been busy learning new stuff. 

This is a short post, and although it may appear a shameless excuse to trumpet my own success (which, of course, it is) this post is primarily a big shout out to the people at Coursera for their excellent Introduction to Psychology and to Steve Joordens, Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto who taught the course and whose style was engaging, entertaining and involving throughout. This was my first attempt at a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). It will not be my last. Psychology has long fascinated me (fueled by all those sessions…), so I’m now planning to immerse myself in its deeper study.

Oh, and yes, I not only stayed the course (all 12 weeks of it) and submitted my assignments on time, I passed it (if not out). That probably makes me sound like a creepy swot (yes, actually of course it does).  

But hell, it was a much better investment of what spare time I have had than propping up the bars in dusty African bars would have been, no? 

On the other hand…

5 thoughts on “out in the midday sun | 5

  1. Congratulations, Andy! It’s surely a better idea to pursue than drinking. Although you can now go and observe interesting behaviors in all bars.
    Curious to know about your ideas on other courses you want to follow.
    Stay the course.

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    1. Thanks Lucile, much appreciated. I’m now signed up to ‘The Social Context of Mental Health and Illness’ again with University of Toronto and also ‘Buddhism and Modern Psychology’. I’m also thinking in the longer term of taking on a BSc in Psychology and Counselling with the Open University.


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