A to Z

Ever wondered what it would be like to work as a consultant, travelling the world, meeting new people, experiencing new cultures, stretching yourself intellectually and emotionally, being wined and dined?

Passing straight through the lounge doors at the airport?

A silk carpet, leather seats.

Flying the blue. Not Ryanair yellow. Not Easyjet orange?

Welcome to my world.

Here’s an A to Z of what it actually feels (looks) like.

Axe – important to stay cool and refreshed?

Bel Aqua – hydration, is the key.

Cup, for that morning caffeine shot.

Door handle, obviously.

Executive club, maybe the price is too high?

Flower (note, it’s plastic).

(L)G (television).

Headphones (cracked up).

In Room Dining (the last resort).

Jogging shorts (barely used).


Lock(ed in).

Malarone. Don’t forget.

Nespresso (it’s not real).

Odomos (first defence, before Malarone, see above).

Peep hole (don’t go there).

Queen bed.

Refuse bin.

Shower head.

Thermostat (for keeping cool, see also A).

Underwear (yes, it is clean).

View (to a kill).

Wifi (and other urban myths).

X series (just like my camera).

Yellow fever (hope not).

Zambia and Zimbabwe.

*All photos shot in a single frantic session in my room at the Golden Tulip, Accra with my Fujifilm X100F with fixed 23mm lens (35mm full frame equivalent), aperture set at f/2, JPEG using Acros mono film simulation mode. No filters, no edits.*

8 thoughts on “A to Z

        1. Thank you, I know it is very different from your lovely open and colour filled style. What I love about my X100F is I can again use some of the mono styles I used to love when I started with my first film based SLRs…And of course, I’m a bit dark, first episode of darker side thursday is all ready to go!

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          1. Ooo how exciting! You know everyone says how colourful my style is. I adore black and white and I’m quite shocked that I don’t use it more often. Another challenge it seems! Darker Side Thursday – can’t wait! This week?

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