project 365 | mobile | mono | skies | one

I launched my original Project 365 on Sunday, 14 June 2015 and I completed it on Sunday, 12 June 2016, one year later – maybe I should have made it Project 366 given that in 2016 February had 29 days. It has been an interesting year, much has changed during this year, including me.

You can see all my images in my mobile | mono | square album on Flickr (although I must confess that account needs tidying up as not all the photos are there yet).

You can also review each of the weekly updates, that I posted each Sunday, by clicking here.

And I’m not done yet, my new project mobile | mono | skies kicked off on Monday 13 June 2016, as with my previous project I will post an update here each Sunday.

4 thoughts on “project 365 | mobile | mono | skies | one

    1. Thank you Alex, much appreciated, change is the only constant… I’m now into Week 5 of my new 365 project which is about the sky, having a lot of fun. Hope all ok with you?


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