project 365 mobile | mono | square | week 52 (and a day)

I launched this Project 365 on Sunday, 14 June 2015 and I completed it on Sunday, 12 June 2015, exactly 365 days later – maybe I should have made it Project 366 given that this year February had 29 days. It has been an interesting year, much has changed during this year, including me.

You can see all my images in my mobile | mono | square album on Flickr.

You can also review each of the weekly updates, that I posted each Sunday, by clicking here.

And I’m not done yet, my new project mobile | mono | skies kicked off on Monday this week, about which more later!


7 thoughts on “project 365 mobile | mono | square | week 52 (and a day)

    1. Thank you Lois! I’m now (1) catching up on comments as you can see and (2) enjoying my new 365 project which features the sky…at some point I need to tidy up my first 365 project on Flickr and maybe make a book of the project too.

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  1. I’m so far behind with my blog reading (and writing). Congrats on finishing! I’ve enjoyed viewing your photos here (and on facebook and on flickr). Good luck with your new project 365. 🙂

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    1. Amy, I am horribly behind on responding to comments which is terrible! Thank you, I need to tidy up my old project, maybe turn it into a little photobook, my plan is to leave it be a for a while then revisit it, should be an interesting reflection on that year. I’m enjoying the new project, it’s a fun outlet to use my mobile for this as I am also trying to develop my skills with my ‘grown up’ camera…

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