“windows are the eyes of the soulless”
 ― thomas ligotti, the nightmare factory

how big was your bonus?

could you afford this week’s groceries?

on whom is the onus?

to ease,

their miseries?

(for justine’s eclectic corner)

*shot with nikon d700 and nikkor 70-200mm f/4 lens, irony lost*

17 thoughts on “perspective

  1. Now this is great on many levels. The curve of the glass like an eye the reflection like upon and eyeball and the fact it is where people sit inside to look out. Then the poem tied in perfectly with this and made me think which is an achievement in itself lol
    Great take on perspective thank you xx

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  2. oops when I asked you about joining Perspective, I mean’t written piece for week 2, of course you have this wonderfu post here, I obviously need more coffee 🙂 Are you still posting much on your other blog? x

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