locked in

locked tight

Awakening from the unending nightmare.

Head pounding, eyes on fire.

Mouth dry.

Vision blurred. His memory worse.

The blow to the head.

The smell of damp earth.

The memory of a pair of sneakers that seemed so disturbingly familiar.

Reaching out. Cold wire, sharp and unyielding.

He was locked


(my first of five posts in response to a very kind nomination for the “five photos / five stories black and white challenge” from desleyjane and for the “black and white challenge” from albert

(and inspired by a dreadful awakening)

(oh, and as my first nomination, I’d like  to invite cardinal guzman to share more of this…)

*shot with nikon d700, edited in aperture 3, analog efex pro 2 double exposure filter and converted to mono with silver ex pro 2, disbelief suspended*

17 thoughts on “locked in

  1. Cool effect on this shot. I’ve already participated in a 5 days, 5 B&W photos challenge. This one’s similar, but a bit different. I like the concept and I’ll accept your challenge, but I doubt that I’ll be able to post anything before May.

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