16 thoughts on “rule of thirds (the first)

    1. Thank you, I wasn’t sure how to respond to this prompt, as it seemed so broad, and then I remembered I had this image with the three holes and as luck would have it the three holes feel on one of the intersections of the “rule of thirds”…


      1. you know that at first i didnt even notice the three holes ( duh) what struck me was how the photo was placed inside itself with the white border – obviously due to the header image, but still — and the poem. the poem really says it all. i was struck too, about what to post, and then i remembered it was the third day of the chinese new year, which i was going to post about anyhow – bingo – a perfect fit! i really like the way you always have a short reflective poem to bring the images even more alive. not that they need it!

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