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In November 2014, I took part in the first ever WordPress Photo 101 course.

I learned a lot about photography, blogging and life and made some great new friends.

You can see the submissions I posted on belgradestreets and belgianstreets.


I have just completed WordPress Writing 101.

A challenging month, full of prompts with a twist or two,

Take a look at what I wrote and let me know what you think?


In February 2015, I participated in WordPress 201 Poetry.

In addition to my photos, which are my passion, I began experimenting with writing, and it was wonderful fun.

Take a look at my contributions, and let me know what you think?

other blogs

Whilst living and working in Belgrade, I created belgradestreets.com.

I fell in love with the city of Belgrade and its people.

Which resulted in the publication of my first book of photographs, “belgradestreets”, a short TV documentary, and an unforgettable exhibition at O3ONE a cool gallery in the very heart of Belgrade, a number of interviews and mentions in magazines and other blogs.

and now?

Having lived in London, Sydney and Belgrade, I’m now living in Brussel and recording my experiences here on belgianstreets.


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  1. I have visited your belgradestrets.com website, I’m from Belgrade, loved it. Then I came across this blog via Twitter and the #writing201 challenge. Small world 🙂

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  2. Hi Andy,
    I miss your weekly 101 rehab posts, guess you are busy? I may not post on all of them but do write my own responses in my exercise book … not for publication.

    Know you gave us the ‘graffiti’ prompt in the poetry blogging course so thought you might be interested in how street art/graffiti are bringing interest to a remote town

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    1. Hello, and thank you, I plan to get the 101 rehab posts back on track next week, yes, as you say, I’ve been busy and have a lot of catching up to to do here, thank you for contributing and for your patience 🙂

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    2. Your post brings back happy memories. I was in Australia for almost five years in charge of the switch to digital TV. The first place we switched was Mildura, we had a bunch of problems to solve at Robinvale close by where a silo like the on in your link was blocking the signal. We fixed it in the end and I used to love visiting the the small remote towns…

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