lockdown | discover | twentynine | list

let's make a list

of all that we can't do
           no longer do
             long to do

let's make a list
    of what we might do
         one (fine) day
        if we are still

*image made with iPhone 11 Pro 4.25mm f/1.8 lens, are you (list)ening, accra, ghana*

For the WordPress community’s latest initiative Discover Prompts Day Twenty Nine: List. Thanks to Ben Huberman, and the WordPress Discover team for stepping up to the plate.

Stay safe and well and let’s fight this thing together, and make sure we don’t forget the lessons we learn when we reach the other side.

well my soul checked out missing as I sat (list)ening
to the hours and minutes tickin’ away

lyrics from better days, bruce springsteen

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