lockdown | discover | twentyfive | magic

of        winding roads

of        rivers in full flow
of        mountains peaked
of        futures, ripe(ning) with possibility
of        burning leaves
of        candy apples
of        that first, taste
of        that first, warm glow
of        that smile
of        that lingering goodbye
of        those letters
of        the end

of        tears
of        dark long nights
of        bandages and sticky tape(d) care

of        hope
of        that smile (again)
of        another day (in the sun)

of        all things bright and beautiful
of        not forgotten toys
of        (those still remembered) windswept moors
of        oceans deep
of        stars that never go dark

of        paths not yet travelled

of        (all) these things

                     is made


*image made with iPhone 11 Pro 4.25mm f/1.8 lens, paint her, accra, ghana*

For the WordPress community’s latest initiative Discover Prompts Day Twenty Five: Magic. Thanks to Ben Huberman, and the WordPress Discover team for stepping up to the plate.

Stay safe and well and let’s fight this thing together, and make sure we don’t forget the lessons we learn when we reach the other side.

Wave that wand, Tinkerbell.

down here on magic street
love’s a fool’s dance
i ain’t got much sense but I still got my feet

– lyrics from, girls in their summer clothes, bruce springsteen

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