lockdown | discover | twenty | music

m	(use)	 		resistance
u 	(nloved) 		when a woman is around
s 	(now patrol)		open your eyes
i 	(nterpol) 		c’mere
c 	(igarettes after sex) 	each time you fall in love

*image made with iPhone 11 Pro 4.25mm f/1.8 lens, note to self, accra, ghana*

For the WordPress community’s latest initiative Discover Prompts Day Twenty: Music. Thanks to Ben Huberman, Krista Stevens, Michelle Weber and the WordPress Discover team for stepping up to the plate.

Stay safe and well and let’s fight this thing together, and make sure we don’t forget the lessons we learn when we reach the other side.

what makes you sigh
what makes you cry…
– lyrics from when a woman is around, unloved

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