esperando el sol — salamancastreets

So I took my guitar And I threw down some chords And some words I could sing without shame And I soon had a song I played it around For some friends but they all said the same They said music’s for fools You should go back to school The future is prisons and math […]

via esperando el sol — salamancastreets

8 thoughts on “esperando el sol — salamancastreets

    1. Hello Alexandra, lovely to hear from you it’s been such a very long time. How are you? I’m based in Spain but at the moment am working in Accra, Ghana and looks like I will be here for a while….

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      1. I’m happy you remember me, yes, it’s been a while I’ve taken a very long break from any social media… my older son was supposed to visit Salamanca in early summer, for school exchange, but all is on halt now… I hope all is well where you are, stay safe, Andy!! is this the blog you update more frequently?


        1. Of course I remember you, I’ve missed exchanging thoughts and slices of life here…if your son does somehow get to visit Salamanca please do let me know. I’m safe and well but locked down in Accra, keeping a daily journal and planning a few new chapters to the book I keep threatening to write! The ‘salamancastreets’ is my latest photo project and I hope to publish a book featuring my photos. My personal blog is where I do my ‘writing’ and general updates… Stay safe and well Alexandra and see you around!

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          1. I go through the pages of my copy of BelgradeStreets from time to time 🙂 I hope you publish the SalamancaStreets too… only I would want it signed this time 🙂 We are in lockdown just like you are… thanks God for the Internet 🙂 Stay safe, Andy xx

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            1. That’s lovely to hear that my book is still read…I will publish that book and we have a deal, you will receive a signed copy some day. Take care and stay safe Alexandra x

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