And walk upon stranger roads than this one
In a world I used to know before
Lyrics from Afterglow – Genesis

For WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Glow

There is a backstory (isn’t there always?), which will follow in a later post.

5 thoughts on “glow

  1. Early morning strolls just after a flood in the yard against the stud rays of the sun..deep in thoughts and swallowing hard as if sad or in a cud.Glad it has dawned free of hazard…eyes roaming around for errands pauses at a blossoming bud fresh and wet in dew.A sight beyond its stoma is an ecstatic feeling going to the extremes of the wonders of nature.The chrolophylic pigment exposes an outstanding brand of angelic beauty….it initiates a ground urge to persevere and keep growing against all odds with all rods even if it means going against all norms all in desire to 🌟 GLOW.


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