In the stillness of remembering what you had
And what you lost, and what you had, and what you lost
Dreams – Fleetwood Mac

I took this shot during a walk back in Salamanca before returning to Africa.

Even at the time I took the shot, I was captivated by this painting. Had the artist been there I would indeed have taken it there and then.

But, it was not to be.

There were at least three paintings, each with a dreamlike quality, each stacked against each other, seeming to peel back a layer of the beautiful city which formed a backdrop to the canvases.

And, in preparing this image, I couldn’t resist adding another layer of my own.

For WordPress weekly photo challenge – Layered.

*Made with Fujifilm X100F and 23mm (35mm full frame equivalent) fixed lens, ISO200, f/4 at 1/1500s with an extra layer of oil applied in Photoshop CC*

9 thoughts on “layered

  1. Fabulous image Andy. Your edit really adds to the textural sense of painting that often gets lost in photos (if that makes any sense). I found myself hearing Stevie Nicks’ voice by the end of the first line and that’s given the post a whole new layer too.

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    1. Thank you Su, there was a time once – decades ago – that I listened to Stevie Nicks’ voice literally all night long, coming to terms with the collapse of my ‘first’ relationship, a part of the richly layered tapestry of my life!

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