we will remember them
those (we) forgot
until, too late
for them

we will remember them
who died, under a plume that stained
our sky
our, complacency

we will remember them
and their
righteous, anger
against our

we will, remember them

won’t we?

poetry101rehab – grenfell

7 thoughts on “grenfell

  1. Even watching from half a world away, it was impossible not to feel outraged and distressed. Yet, as time passes other tragedies take the attention of those not directly involved. I often think how abandoned survivors of disasters must feel as they are first thrust into the spotlight, then ignored as something new and shiny comes along for the media.

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    1. I apologise for my tardy response. Your point is so well made. Particularly with the latest terrorist outrage in Barcelona. It is hard to keep a sense of perspective when faced by so many terrible events. And your point about the survivors shows great sensitivity and highlights a very real issue for those ‘left behind’. It also reminds me very much of the events that surrounded the death of my father decades ago, the intensity of the immediate support from family and friends, followed by the emptiness that follows.

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  2. Thank you Andy. I was originally thinking of friends who have been bereaved and how funerals seem to mark an end of others’ sense of commitment to support. As if we know how to “do” funerals, but beyond that grief is scary and difficult. I can only imagine how much worse it must feel to be first of all bombarded with attention then discarded, especially when the circumstances of such bereavements are so extreme.

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    1. I think you make the point with great eloquence. As you say, under what might be considered ‘normal’ circumstances it is hard to face bereavement alone but that must be amplified to an almost intolerable degree after the intensity of International media interest that evaporates when the next tragedy seizes the headlines.

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