project 365 mobile | mono | square | week 48

I launched this Project 365 on Sunday, 14 June 2015.

You can see all my images, as they are posted, each day, to my mobile | mono | square album on Flickr.

You can also review all my weekly updates, posted at noon each Sunday, by clicking here.


7 thoughts on “project 365 mobile | mono | square | week 48

    1. Thank you Lucile, I’m in the middle of transferring all my library of images from my beloved (no more) Aperture across into Lightroom. I love Lightroom but the transition is very painful!


      1. Well, I haven’t yet brought my photos from photos to LR.
        There I have photos from before 2014. All the rest is in LR.
        But during an update, there was a glitch, fur which LR apologized, but that was useless, because what we all got was very bad. All photos lost its indexation and were put together on a single file. All categories, dates, all gone!
        Very upsetting. I’m still slowly rebuilding it.

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