Today, meal times have been a little disrupted by flight times, and multiple time zone shifts.

I began the day at 04:45 in Spain.

A few hours later, I negotiated the multi-faceted joy that is clearing security for a business trip to the USA from Madrid.

Initially a little less than enthusiastic about riding Economy, to Dallas Fort Worth with American, I was delighted with my seat, an aisle, in a forward row of five with three empty seats so I could spread my stuff out with abandon. Food was not bad at all, lots of legroom and as much to drink as I could want (and a little more). Ok, it didn’t hold a candle to the comfort of flying with CL status on Qantas back in the day but hey, I enjoyed the flight and the crew were great.

After clearing security and customs in Dallas, I took a break for a Bud and a Jack Daniels (burger) in TGI. Acclimatisation.

And so, strapped in for my flight on to Vegas, here’s what I had for lunch, dinner or breakfast (insert meal time correspondinding to a timezone of your choice), edited with a little artistic licence.

Posted from seat 13D on a flight delayed due to too much wind in Vegas. Must be all the hot air generated by all those media types (yep, guilty as charged) gathering for the NAB show.

Oh, and remember not to congregate around the toilets, it will upset the Captain.

For wordpress weekly photo challenge – dinner

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