the time to hesitate is through, no time to wallow in the mire
– lyrics from light my fire, the doors

I shot this image last night whilst shooting one of the many Semana Santa processions in the city of Salamanca – more on that soon at salamancastreets.com.

In this case, the night was dark, but the city was lit by many candles, streetlights and the smiling faces of the women, men and children who packed the streets until the early hours of the morning.

The Doors’ Light my fire, and in particular the instrumental version to which I have linked, seems also to capture some of the same spirit. For me, anyway.

This shot was a lucky capture, the Plaza Mayor captured in half-light.


for wordpress weekly photo challenge – half-light

*shot with nikon d700 and nikkor af-s 70-200mm f/4.0 ED lens at 200mm, ISO6400, 1/160s and f/4.0 and cropped in lightroom cc*

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