the pool had been there almost as long as he could remember but as his brain battled with the theory of surface tension he struggled to remember just how long he had been aware of its existence and what it had come to mean and as all this bubbled up from the recesses of his mind he realised that the inky black depths were calling to him and despite knowing that this could never have a happy ending he could not resist leaning ever closer trying to focus on what he thought he could see reflected in its cold meniscus

a story in one hundred words for laura’s literary lion – pool


12 thoughts on “pool

  1. wow! this is absolutely captivating Andy! The lack of punctuation lends itself very well to the tension building … a rushing of thoughts streaming through the mind – the ending – the use of the word meniscus – genius! Super job 😀

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      1. the body will naturally pause at certain junctions, not only for breath …. but that is how the mind works ….


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