The body, she says, is subject to the force of gravity. But the soul is ruled by levity, pure
― Saul Bellow

a lifetime ago, this hand held

a new life, eyes barely open

(and more since, after that first new


a weight lifted

a weight forever to carry


and now

that new life

will soon

also bring (its own) new life

the weight will lift again

and once more

become heavier,

and lighter

for wordpress weekly photo challenge – weight(less)

see also weightless on belgianstreets


32 thoughts on “weight(less)

  1. well congrats in order – and may you and your family be blessed 🙂

    this poem of yours – it really speaks of the duality of the nature of the cycle – that without the one – the weight – which bears down – there can be no lightness in life …. which … come to think of it …. is equally spoken of even in child birth …. my … seems you have triggered a cycle within a cycle 🙂 and great image to accompany the thoughts

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    1. See,… inspiration hit me (again) while reading yoour poetry 🙂

      Therefore this one’s dedicated to your and your poem

      Weigh Me Down

      I am watching while the feather
      Showed it’s love for the ground
      – Because it sure has to be love
      Since a feather is supposedly weightless –

      As the inexplicable attraction
      Slowly draws the feather closer
      And closer. Until it tied itself
      To the marbly soul underneath.

      I wonder why it’s giving up on
      The weightless feeling,
      The careless floating,
      The boundless freedom…

      Then with a resigned sigh
      – A flash of past events
      Ever present in my mind –
      I think about you and me.

      How you weighed me down
      Until I was barely close enough
      To become completely tied to you.
      Suddenly, my heart weighs tons.


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      1. What a beautiful poem and I touched by your dedication, and by your continued support for the Rehab, I almost decided to close it but support like yours helped me decide to continue 🙂 so thank you…


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