“all the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust” 
― j.m. barrie


A story in a single image

She shivered.

The cold, hard seat making her uncomfortable, her left leg numb, sensation in her toes gone.

Only two days ago, he’d been with her, they’d had coffee together, buttered toast and marmalade.

He’d left to catch the bus. He wanted his newspaper, needed his daily packet of cancer sticks.

Then, later. the doorbell had rung.

The woman at the door, and the man, in uniform.

Sympathetic smiles.

It had been quick, they said. He hadn’t felt anything, they said.

And now, she sat alone.

They had been here together, they had stood, knelt and sat together. They had believed.

And now, now she didn’t.

(submitted to Lucile’s Photo 101 Rehab)

*four images were provided with today’s prompt, I elected to choose a similar one of own, shot with nikon d700 and 16-35mm f/4 lens and originally featured on my blog, belgianstreets*

WordPress Writing 101 (November 2015): Day 4

24 thoughts on “single

            1. Thank you..may I raise a point with you? Many (ok, some) people tell me that I place too much trust in positive comments I receive on my blog, that positive comments made online are not ‘real’. I would appreciate your take on that?


            2. Oh gosh, I can’t speak for others–I only know that my comments are 100% sincere. If I like something, I tend to go on and on with my superlatives, praise. If I just feel so-so, I guess I use a “standard” response. If I don’t like, or don’t get what someone has written–they usually get a LIKE, but if it’s really bad, they get “nada”. Does that help at all?? I generally take comments as sincere–simply because most people don’t have time to write comments, so they wouldn’t bother unless they really felt what they’re saying to you….my opinion. You can kinda feel if positive remarks are manipulative (blogger just wants you to reciprocate) or if they’re “oogy” (Annie in “Misery”). I keep a sharp eye on the oogy ones–if they continue, I block ’em. 🙂

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