happy place

“As a lifetime proposition, happiness is a discipline, no doubt; but for moments at a time, it’s a piece of luck. A piece of luck and a clue: a hint, not just of what might be, but of what already exists, in the heart of a man’s heart…”
― John Burnside, A Lie About My Father: A Memoir


happy places exist in spaces we can’t always place

sometimes we don’t have enough, space

and then, there

it is

that, place

(for wordpress weekly photo challenge – happy place)

42 thoughts on “happy place

  1. were you like the first one to post here? What…you have photos of all categories waiting, then choose one that fits the prompt…or what, dude? Love the words, love the shot

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sometimes I do go out and take a new photo and more often I find one that I have taken recently that “feels” right, whichever I always enjoy the challenge…and thank you!


  2. I would say I’m a tad late getting here Andy, but so glad I found your very delightful happy spoons Thanks for making the start of my weekend with a big happy smile 😀


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