‘and all the green belts wrapped around our minds and endless
red tape to keep the truth confined’
– lyrics from uprising, muse


(passageway to torture chamber at fort breendonk, concentration camp near mechelen, belgië)

(for cover makeover by Desley and Lucile)

*shot with nikon d700 and af-s nikkor 70-200mm lens at 70mm, f/4 and 1/15s, ISO6400, edited in lightroom cc, and analog efex pro 2 with titles added in photoshop cc, do not open the door*

24 thoughts on “1984

  1. Wow, Andy! This entry left me speechless! Not unusual happening, when I’m looking at your photos, though.
    Thank you so much for joining the challenge. You know you don’t need to, and that you have no time for that, so it makes it even more special!
    I’m grateful for your ongoing support and friendship.

    Liked by 1 person

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