poetry 101 rehab: moments

Do you miss the Writing 201 Poetry course by the Daily Post? Then join this blogging challenge, Poetry 101 Rehab, that will provide your poetry fix!


How does it work?

For several weeks now, each Monday at 01:00 pm UTC, Mara Eastern has published a poetry prompt along with her response to it, you can see them all here. On 30 June, Mara announced that she is taking a blogging hiatus this Summer to focus on her dissertation. I am serving as locum “poet in residence” at the clinic until her return – and hope that I don’t lose any of her patients! I will continue to publish a weekly prompt exactly as before.

You are invited to answer the prompt, twist it or ignore it; write a poem of your own or share a poem by another author.

I would love to hear about your inspiration, your creative process or other poetry related thoughts, but this is no way obligatory. Nothing is obligatory in this challenge, the idea is to get together, talk poetry and have fun!

How can you take part?

Anyone can participate, anytime you want. Publish your poetry post and add a link to it by clicking on the Poetry 101 Rehab badge below or share your link in a comment. Use the tag Poetry 101 Rehab, so we can find each other in the Reader.


I will act as your host, and I’ll be here for you to reply to your comments, read your poetry, like and comment. While this post is the starting point for the challenge, do visit fellow poets in the link-up and chat to them on their blogs!

This week’s prompt is MOMENTS.


oh, so short
slipped away
oh, so short
cast away
oh, so short
thrown away
too late...

My response, MOMENTS was inspired by a moment of reflection. What will your take on the keyword MOMENTS be? Blog about it in a poetry post and share your link in the comments section of this post and by clicking on the Poetry 101 Badge above.

42 thoughts on “poetry 101 rehab: moments

        1. Andy, I’m so sorry to hear this–if it helps at all, mine has been similar, and I heard of one other blog friend who’s had recent “life tsunami” going on; so you are in very nice company, if I do say so myself. Hopefully, as it’s Friday here (Saturday there?), we’ll all have a much better week starting immediately! Prayers and best wishes for you (and I am at a new blog, where I’m following you–no stress for you, if you don’t recognize me I’ll stand up and wave my hand wildly). God bless you.

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  1. Found you over at Sasha Jabber Jeans… Twist prompts… that I can do. Just a tad distracted with some daily duties… but I home to return… momentarily.
    (Oh, did I say ~ I like puns?).

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