16 thoughts on “free

  1. Ha! That’s a pretty smart response to the prompt. More effort on the part of the writer – more physical and mental effort – and more effort on the part of the reader too. Now, duck and run because your handwriting will be analysed by graphologists…

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    1. Thank you Mara! Having done a very quick check of my own handwriting, it would appear that one possible conclusion is that I may be “emotionally withdrawn” or perhaps even “expressing rebellion”. On balance I think I just have poor handwriting. So back to the (drawing) writing board?


    1. Thank you Lois, it was so hard actually writing with a pen again, although recently I even wrote an actual letter on notepaper with a real ink pen and plan to do so again soon!

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  2. I did read this, and enjoyed! I have done similar exercises in the past and was surprised (and a bit scared?) how tiring it was for the hand. That’s really bad, how we are losing this skill. Your post is inspiring, I might get back to do this again, thanks to you!

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