why're we here?
why’re we here?

Sitting up, his eyes

excoriated by

the searing light,

he remembered


A shout, just before he tripped, the barking, of

his dog.

And now,


he was trapped, tied,

as tightly, as if by



(my third of five posts in response to a very kind nomination for the “five photos / five stories black and white challenge” from desleyjane and for the “black and white challenge” from albert

(and inspired by a dreadful awakening and by a walk on the edge of town)

(oh, and as my third nomination, I’d like to invite john, if he feels so inclined, to share with you his perspective on scotland and india through five black and white images and stories…)

*shot also for lucile’s the clinic – photo rehab, with nikon d700, 16-35mm f/4 nikkor lens and edited in aperture 3, analog efex pro 2 wet plate filter, perspective barbed*

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