poetry 101 rehab: (p \ m) decide

‘and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference’
― Robert Frost

why're we here?
why’re we here?

*Reading feedback from readers, since first writing this post as you see it below, I’ve decided to have another think about how best to take Poetry 101 Rehab forward – don’t want to lose or alienate anyone who has participated to date – let me know what you think?*

poetry 101 rehab has grown up

it’s now p \ m

and, it’s about to become raw, grittier than before

perhaps, a lot more

you may not like it, or maybe you will, either way let me know by commenting on this post, or send me your thoughts through my contacts page

best of all, post it


dead inside (been here before),


no, well,

(you) decide


will you fight

for what you feel

 (if you even feel)

for what is real

for you

and, if not,

would you, will you, for them?




do (just) what you need




want to be part of p \ m – all you have to do is write a poem in response to the <weekly> prompt, scribble a note, share a track (if you wish), add a photo (or not), maybe toss in a quote and then tag your post p \ m and \ or you can click on the image below

of course, the rules of p \ m are that there really are no rules…


this week the prompt is decide, so go on, decide?

 a new prompt for p \ m will be published here at 21:00 utc every monday

p \ m | decide