a poem, some unedited rain, and a slice of plath


i woke to the sound of rain
― sylvia plath, the bell jar

see me

the face

in the rain

see me

the fingers

on the pane

see me


i am



*one of a series of shots made in salamanca with my ancient olympus om10, with zuiko 50mm f/1.8 lens, and loaded with ilford xp2 super ISO 400 film*

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muzej savremene umetnosti

Delighted to hear the news that the Museum of Contemporary Art is opening again after ten long years. Six years ago, it featured in one of the first posts that I wrote on, what was then my new blog, belgradestreets.


Decided to add an extra post today, a sort of ‘Sunday Supplement’.

Yesterday, whilst shopping at Ušće for some of the random necessities of life, I wandered across the swathe of parkland that lies along the river toward what seemed a rather fascinating yet random group of sculptures set among the grass and trees, it became clear that they were not random but some of the outdoor (and now quite weathered) exhibits of Belgrade’s Museum of Contemporary Art.

Sadly closed for repairs since being damaged in the bombing of 1999 the Museum’s collection numbers some 35,000 works of art produced since 1900 in Serbia and the former Yugoslavia.

This lonely and decaying building, partly hidden behind fencing, is located near the confluence of the Sava and Danube and was designed by Ivan Antić and Ivanka Raspopović in 1960 with construction taking place between 1960 and 1965, Wikipedia states that…

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cause we need a little controversy
’cause it feels so empty

 – lyrics from without me, eminem


This is my response to the prompt for Day Eight of the WordPress Writing 101 Poetry course. And, as the prompt is, err, amazingly, my very own prompt, I’m interrupting your enjoyment (momentarily) so that I can thank Ben Huberman for inviting me to contribute today, even though there are so many better qualified poets out there. By which I mean, those of you who can actually, you know, write, uh, poetry. You know who you are.

More to the point, thank you to all who have taken the trouble to find your way to my post!

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The photo, by the way, was shot by me in the dark interior of the BIGZ building in Belgrade. If you’d like to find out more, or failing that, see what I saw, feel free to visit belgradestreets and check out bigz graffiti or  all that jazz or even broken, and then book a flight to Belgrade, and then, why not pop into a bookstore and take a look at my book! 😉
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And hey, if you need more Poetry when this is all over, why not make a note to join Poetry 101 Rehab every Monday?

< graffiti >

in your face
it’s my freakin’ space
my only

 < / graffiti >

so out of order
blood splattered border
couldn’t be (more) bored(er)

< graffiti >

i don’t freakin’
how you fare or (even)
if you

< / graffiti >

it’s my

 < / even >

writing 101 | poetry | eight | seconds | prompt by me (in’em) 😉