pedestrian (a modern reflection)

beautiful insane
in the rain
― Jack Kerouac, The Subterraneans

Everything but pedestrian, for WordPress weekly photo challenge.

Today, I finally bought my own copy of The Americans by Robert Frank with a sublime introduction by Jack Kerouac.

The perfect blend of photography, writing and poetry.

Inspired by one of my sporadic visits to the Tate Modern.

*Shot with Fujifilm X100F with fixed 23mm (35mm full frame equivalent) lens at ISO 800, f/5.6 and 1/200s with edits applied in Lightroom CC and Analog Efex Pro 2*

15 thoughts on “pedestrian (a modern reflection)

    1. Thank you Stefano, I had been reading ‘The Ongoing Moment’ by Geoff Dyer, I guess I was looking for some inspiration, and found it. In a puddle left by the rain.


  1. Great BW, Andy. Love the perspective and composition. The world is only as pedestrian as we imagine…or not. There is always looking at things from another perspective, and you did it so well here. Hope you didn’t get wet by the rain and puddles in the process 🙂

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