In the blink
		                          Of an eye, he thought
                                        To cry. Oh       how he wanted to
                        Drink. Shuffling forward,   his   claws dragging along
                             The floor.  Wretched          and old, he remembered being
			              Told that it        would be better one
					Day. So he blinked again
						One eye.

(a story featuring an animal in the form of concrete poetry with a little enjambment for day four of Writing 201)

(and for lucile’s the clinic – photo rehab)

*shot with nikon d700, 50mm f1.4 nikkor lens, edited in aperture 3, analog ex pro 2, double exposure filter applied, and a turtle*

32 thoughts on “animal

  1. So well done! For a while I wondered whether it’s an eye or a horizontal “cross-cut” representation of a turtle (it could be both, of course), and loved the ambiguity. I also really enjoyed the slowing effect of the gap in the middle of the poem — it forces you to take a breath before the next “step,” which, again, works so well with the topic you chose. That was a great take on the assignment.

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    1. Thank you Ben! This course is both challenging and fun, I really appreciate your feedback and telling me what you saw in a post that was essentially a piece of “free writing” with little editing…

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